Hans Sachs (1877-1945)

Hans Sachs, Ehrlich's colleague, was born in 1877 in Kattowice, Upper Silesia. After studying in Freiburg, Breslau and Berlin and receiving his doctorate in Leipzig in 1900, he joined the staff of the Institute for Experimental Therapy in Frankfurt in 1905. In 1914 he was appointed extraordinary honorary professor at the newly founded University of Frankfurt and became deputy director of the institute in 1915. Sachs later became professor of immunology and serum research and director of the Cancer Institute in Heidelberg. He published numerous papers with Paul Ehrlich on immunological subjects and also edited the Zeitschrift für Immunitätsforschung (Journal of Immunology Research).
Like so many of his brilliant Jewish colleagues, Hans Sachs, "Germany's first serologist", fell victim to the Nazis.
He died in 1945.